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博客取名为GIANT CODE ANT,寓意为我是一名小小的码蚁(Code Ant),再小的个体也有大大的(Giant)梦想。在代码的世界里,我是一只小小的码蚁,但是,在我的世界里,我可以活出大大的真我、自我。





About Blog

This blog is named GIANT CODE ANT, which means that I am a little Code Ant, but every little individual has his/her Giant dream. While I am little in the coding world, but I am giant in my own world to be a real and great myself.

About Me

Hi, I’m Way Zhang, who always call himself sunway1988 online. I am an ordinary Software Development Engineer in Nanjing, and my working skills include Python, C/C++. I am very interested in programming, and I will continue to share my study, life and thought in this blog, and maybe also complaints.

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E-mail: sunway1988@aliyun.com